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16 January 2009 @ 11:54 pm
I'm actually a bit embarrassed that it's been so long since I wrote.... I have so many good things to write about and somethings that I am just glad to get over with. One big big BIG thing I might add that I'm just so incredibly excited about.........and leaves me giggly like my avatar... :) It's the best thing that could ever happen to a woman........ <3 More to come...... <3 <3 <3               
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23 November 2008 @ 02:09 am
I've never been one for trends. All through out school and my adult life I've always dressed in my own way and liked vastly different things than most of my friends. So it's no surprise that I don't understand the appeal of certain popular things. I'm inclined to change my mind if it's actually worth it. Right now there are two things I especially don't get. One is that idiot with the constantly surprised look from Twilight. (Of whom my boyfriend does a great impression of... ^_^ ) Also I'm damn tired of anything Star Wars related. Thanks [Adult Swim], as much indifference as I had for Star Wars before, I now never want to see another anything Star Wars related, parody or otherwise ever, ever, EVER again.  I honestly don't care about it anymore. Please stop. STOOOOOOOOOOP. :(

On the flip side, here are some things I wish I had gotten into earlier: Moral Orel (the last episode is coming up next month), Ikki Tousen (I'm still on the first series of the manga and need to catch up on the new series), and certain comics that I'm having trouble finding because either because they went out of print or because of their subject matter are hard to find (Kill Your Boyfriend, Preacher, Omaha The Cat Dancer, the latter issues of The Maxx...). Boo. Well at least  I have someone to help me catch up on some of these things and that helps me to find new (to me) things to like. Yay.

Oh, yeah the highlight of my day was that I fed squirrels by hand at the park. Pics to come soon. ;)


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20 November 2008 @ 12:44 am
One of the things I've wanted to do when I first started this journal/blog is that I wanted to write about things that catch my eye. Seeing as how I've been online maybe a bit too much lately, I'vfound quite a bit more to rave about. : D This entry will focus on websites, blogs, and whatever else I think fits.

1.) John K's All Kinds Of Stuff


This blog is one of the best out there that caters to the classic animation lover. It's lovingly put together by the creative force behind Ren & Stimpy as a sort of tribute to the various original styles over the decades. It also offers tips of how to emulate said artists to become a better animator yourself.

2.) Bunnylicious


Bunnylicious is a rabbit-centric art blog.  Although, it may be obvious why I picked this blog to showcase, it's not all flowery cutesy-poo bunnies exactly. Previous entries have included artists such as Joe Ledbetter and Andrea Montegna, while also showcasing art shows such as a recent one based around Frank Kozik's Smorkin' Labbit vinyl toys. 

3.) Ask John @ Animenation.com


Animenation's 'Ask John' column is run by John Oppliger, the 'go-to guy' for all things anime. If you've got a question about anime be it avant-garde, rare ova's, or up and coming anime, John is definitely the guy to ask. The wide range of questions of subjects about anime as well as it's various genres and creators are answered very professionally and without any bias. It's very informative, one of the best anime blogs out there and with all of the anime that John has seen it can give you ideas of what to watch that you might have otherwise have over looked.

4.) Plastic And Plush: Designer Toy News And Reviews


Plastic and Plush is a blog dedicated to all things, well plastic and plush. If you're a fan of brands like Toki-Doki, Suckadelic, or Ugly Dolls you might very well love this blog. One of the best things about this site, besides the coverage, is that every so often contests are announced with the prizes being some of the very same figures/plushes that have been posted about. What I dig about P&P in particular is that it's updated very often so you never miss out on what new art peices have come out. The pictures are standout as well, and as colorful and eyepopping as the products themselves.

5.) Jillicons: Quite Unexpectedly @ LJ.com


As you've very well figured out by now I'm an art fanatic. The Jillicons community set up by fellow LJ member DayOfJudah. It has some of the most beautiful and original icons around. The majority of the icons on my hard drive are from this community I must admit, and as an extra bonus there's plenty of icons for those of us comic and animation fans as well. I say go there and enjoy. You might just be there for hours looking around. ;)


Well, that's it for now. There's more to come as there's a plethora of things to write about on this vast internet of ours. :D Oh, and before I forget I'll be back in a day as I'm taking time off to spend with someone special. Bye for now!!


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18 November 2008 @ 03:09 pm
I'm listening to The Twilight Singers album "She Loves You" again. While I love the hell out of that album, really the only time I listen to it is when I'm depressed. I thought I was feeling better but something still nags at me. My grandparents are fine for now and they put my great grandmother in a nursing home, so why do I still feel like something's wrong?? I guess I wish someone in particular would call....  I'll write more when I get back from exercising..... :(
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16 November 2008 @ 08:35 pm
I am really damn tired today and I'm not sure why... Seriously, I'm kinda ashamed at how much I slept today. I knew something was wrong when I woke up and my boyfriend called me to say hello and to have a good day before he went to work.... (he closes tonight.) : I Yup, not good. I wasn't even feeling very hungry (I haven't been lately and I'm not sure why.) so I ate, played with one of my birds, and felt a bit dizzy and tired again so I laid down. I'm not sure if it's all of the stress of getting he and I back on track, my grandparents barely getting out of a car accident alive, or my great- grandmother being in her last days that's thrown me out of whack. :( I guess I'll stay up tonight and start putting back my stuff where it was before we parted.  I really wanted to be out today either with my friends or with my guy. I tend not to worry as much when I'm out because I'm occupied. A friend of mine said that it's only natural. It just troubles me because all kinds of bad crap is happening now and I'm not entirely keen on change for the worse, to be honest. I feel I'm not strong enough to handle it properly, hence my wanting to not be alone during those times. Anyways, I still have some hope for the future though, I always manage that during the bad times. Either I'm just naive, stubborn, or justified in it because I always believe in a balance of good and bad things. I'll try to write as much as I can this week, but I can't promise anything because I will be focusing on my family and building back up what came apart not that long ago.  Wish me luck and here's some pics of happy things (ie Superjail and Bunnies) to leave you with...




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15 November 2008 @ 03:44 am
I'm planning on taking a little trip to Austin in a few hours, (I really should be sleeping now... @_@ cause it's almost 4) Anyways, yeah I'm going. I'm glad to be able to get away from the emotional roller coaster that has been the last week and a half. I hope to find the latest Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campell album I've been wanting for so long. I'm also going to seek out the 45 of The Gutter Twins' "Idle Hands." I'll look around Ikea and Urban Outfitters and try to rethink my personal living space as my relocation plans have been put on hiatus for now.  : /  There's one thing I gotta say, and I find it a bit silly kinda. Whilest moping around the house the last few days, there's actually been something that's made me feel better at times. I started watching "Yo Gabba Gabba" .  One of my friends and I went on and on about it last night. No wonder the neu- art community, especially the vinyl and plush artists, seem to dig it so much. Aside from the great art direction, the characters are pretty endearing too. Plus, where else are you going to find a show (much less a kids' one) with a song about not biting people without being creeped out by it?? Nowehere that's where!! Also, I might feel a bit biased towards it because the Plex character looks like some of the robots I've drawn for years and years. ^_^ Plus, he's a robot and that in itself is damn cool. Bye fer now.

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12 November 2008 @ 04:24 pm
1.) The Eagles Of Death Metal's album is amazing!
I wasn't sure about it upon my initial listen but.... after just absorbing it for awhile I find myself unable to listen to anything else, haha... (for now anyways) "I'm Your Torpedo" is my favorite song on there for now, but it might be because it's kinda a 'Josh-heavy' song. ;)

2.) I might or might not write about personal stuff in here but it would be put on private I guess. A journal is a journal.

3.) I'm trying to decide if I should go see the Toadies for Christmas or if I can make that work out with my meet up with my best friend. It might or might not go like we talked about it many months ago. I would go but someone else might not. I suppose I'll wait around awhile for my answer before I make any declarations.... : /

4.) I'm wondering if I should make less frequent stops to the forum I had been on for about five years. No one cares about the band on there, the people are jerks, and I have an ex- boyfriend on there. You'd have thought that alone would have given me my answer but from time to time people put up rare songs or great info/ interviews on said band. So I'm still unsure. Maybe I'm an emo- masochist I dunno.

5.) I'm not sure if I should pick up Guitar Hero: World Tour or if I should get Rock Band 2?? They both have "Everlong" by the Foo Fighters but on one (RB2) you can have all of the songs from the first and second game, and they have QOTSA songs on it... Hmmmm...

6.) I'm actually going to go out on a limb and say this: I'm surprised at the amount of racial slurs I'm hearing about Barack Obama after he got elected. Maybe I gave my country or generation too much credit that we had progressed since he actually got elected. It's so odd. I thought we were better than that. *shakes head*

7.) I'm thinking about putting stuff up on Deviant Art. My scanner crapped out  (actually it's been for sometime now) but I see so much great art on there and I'm so inspired by other great artists in general I want make something. I'd try my paint program but I haven't done digital art in about three years, I'm wondering if I'm up to the task or not. I just want to make Superjail! art and maybe some other stuff.

8.) Why the hell can't I find any good Superjail or Venture Brothers wallpapers??? /: l

9.) Maybe I'm getting old because I don't get the whole lolcat speak/webspeak or slash stuff. I'm not a prude, plus I think I just appriciate the ability to spell correctly and grammar. Yup, I'm getting old. : I

10.) I wish I could go see the Gutter Twins in Europe. Boo for me, yay for them. To make up for it hopefully I'll get my David Lynch Lime Green Boxed Set. Here's hoping. *crosses fingers*

Anywho, I guess that's it. It feels good to write again.


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12 November 2008 @ 04:36 am
I suppose it's because there's so many pretty rockin communities around here or maybe because my myspace page is too public or maybe just for cathartic reasons, but here I am.  This looks like it could be fun.... I have hope for this and for many more things to come. 
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